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Swimming Pools - from Concept to Completion

We offer swimming pool design & construction services to private clients, architects, property developers and builders. Our knowledge and experience of swimming pool design and installation allows us to build pools of an exceptional quality. Our swimming pools are built with passion and always thoroughly checked to ensure they meet our unparalleled high standards before handing over to you for years of pleasant and safe swimming.

Swimming Pool - Service Range

Design & Construction
We offer bespoke swimming pool design and spa design services to meet the most challenging specifications. Our construction team is qualified to advise you on all design aspects of your dream pool - steps, swim-outs, beaches, paddling pools, fountains, waterfalls, swimming pool fencing and of course, the all-important poolscaping to put the final touches to what will be a most magnificent enhancement of your home and can also make recommendations on the complete range of ancillary equipment needed to complete your Pool - filtration, purification systems, cleaners, underwater lighting, and much, more.

Swimming Pool Maintenance - Sparkling Water Doesn’t Happen By Itself
Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore — but it DOES have to be done. Regular care keeps the water clean and balanced, and your equipment functioning properly.The first step is cleaning the dirt and debris that ends up in your pool not only makes it uninviting, but they can clog and damage your pool’s filtration system as well.

The second part of pool care is maintaining the chemical balance in your pool. Chemistry is the key to keeping your pools clean, as well as making it a safe, pleasant environment for swimming. Improper water levels will also have detrimental effect on filtration and circulation.

Products & Accessories
We supply swimming Pool sand filtration systems / Multiport & Valves / Skimmers and Drains / Inlet and Outlets / Underwater Lights and Ladders / Pool side Umbrella’s and Loungers etc…

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